Year 1 Parent/carer information.

Welcome to Narnia Class year 1 information page. Below you will find, hopefully, useful information about what year 1 learning looks like and what they should be achieving by the end of the year.

Yearly overview

Year 1 weekly timetable

The Year 1 Learner – Literacy expectations

Year 1 learner – expectations in Maths

Reading Books

Children will be given a school reading scheme book that is appropriate for their reading ability. Your child’s reading book will be changed a minimum of twice weekly. Please endeavour to hear your child read on a daily basis and to spend a few minutes talking about the book. Ideally, try to re-read the book with your child in order to help develop their confidence, fluency and understanding. Each time your child reads, please could you record this in their reading record book, along with a brief comment. We will change your child’s book following evidence that they have read it either at school or at home. If your child reads any other books or magazines etc, please also record this in their reading record book so that we are able to monitor their reading.

Questions to ask when reading with your child

 Useful resources to support learning

Support your child to read high frequency words rapidly as this is key to developing their confidence and fluency in reading.

  • Mathletics
  • Your child’s individual username and password will be given out by your class teacher and stuck in the back of your child’s reading record book.